Kids Stuff - Balloon Animal Instructions

    Balloon twisting instructions for kids and adults who love to make balloon animals. Step-by-step written and videos teaching kids how to twist balloon animals by professional balloon artists, Dale Obrochta AKA Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

Balloon Animal Video's - An Entire Playlist for You to Watch.

An entire playlist of step-by-step balloon twisting instructions showing you how to make balloon animals.

Birthday Party Entertainment'Birthday Party Entertainer - Looking for entertainment for a Birthday Party?

Written Instructions: Balloon Animals

Instructions: Balloon AnimalsBalloon Animal Instructions for kids and audults how love baloons

Homeschool Curriculum

Home school balloon projects for kids

Homeschool Projects & Curriculum- Home school curriculum designed to help develop problem solving skills, mathematics and eye-hand coordination using balloon animals.

Dale's Balloon Bag What's in my Bag?

Have you ever wounder what's in a balloon apron. Here's your opportunity to see what in a balloon artists bag.

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Balloon Entertainment

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Birthday Kid Party

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