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Learn about Balloon Aprons

Balloons I Carry:

Top Row: Black, Gray, Golden Rod, Yellow, Neon Assortment, 350 Assortment
Middle Row: Pink, Rose, Lilac, Violet, Quartz Purple, Pale Blue, Sapphire Blue
Bottom Row: Winter Green, Lime Green (not shown), Emerald Green, 160 Assorted, White, Ruby Red, Mandarin Orange, and Brown.

In the pockets:

Top Row: Geo's, Preloaded Clear 5" rounds with Alien & Simile Face balloons stuffed, 321Q Bee's
Second Row: Scissors attached to lanyard, Blue, Black, and Red Sharpie Markers, 6" Red, White, & Pink Hearts, 5" White Rounds
Third Row: Yellow & Orange Sharpie Markers, Alien 5" Rounds, Simile 5" Rounds, White 5" Rounds
Fourth Row: Business Cards, 2 Pockets of Clear 5" Rounds, and one pocket for ??? (customers business cards, kids drawings, or tips)

Reloading Time:

Reloading time can vary from a couple of minutes to 3 hours depending on how much restocking needs to be done. I normally can do 3 restaurants, and two one-hour shows before restocking. If I did single balloon animals, this would probably last 5-10 shows easily. But I like using a lot of balloons.

Weight: 1 TON

People are always impressed with the appearance of the balloon apron. They are impressed to see how many balloons I carry, (I estimate just over 2,000 balloons). The bag above weighs just about 6 pounds. But when I'm wearing it, the balloons feel lighter.

Where Do You Get This Apron

This apron is really designed for professional balloon entertainers, you can click here to enter the store and purchase one, but these are non-stock items and will take an extra 2 days for delivery. If your a beginner, you may want to start with an economy apron.


The Electric Pump I use is again a Professional tool (photo). It uses a rechargeable battery and will last for about 4 hours depending on what balloon animals/hats you're making.