Dale: On-premise promtion

Experienced On-Premise Promotion Balloonist!

Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Crowd Gathering Sales Entertainer!

On-Premise Promotions are about gathering crowds, getting your message heard, signing people up, and with that you need to have a crowd-gathering entertainer.

Balloons do just that!

They draw people to you and your product, which allows Magical Balloon-dude Dale to make your on-premise promotion standout and be remembered.

Dale's skills will combine balloon twisting, comedy, and your product information into a sales presentation that customers will remember.

Dale has a Master's Degree in Communication and knows the importance of relaying a message to people. Keep it fun, exciting, and fresh-- and people will remember the event for months.

Interactive promotions work! Hiring a pretty model is great if you're selling sex, college kids pushing fliers on people is just annoying and waste of literature. Hire Dale and he will do this...

  1. He will draw the crowd to him.
  2. He will present your product or service in a manner that will get leads, sign people up, and move product!
  3. He will make your program unique and make competitors jealous that they did not do this first!
  4. Distinguish yourself from the competition. Dale will create product branding through balloon entertainment.

Dale is willing to work with you on developing a killer marketing campaign, a program that works for you and accomplishes your goals. As a team we can do anything and can do it successfully. Contact Dale today to start a new exciting on-premise promotion today.

Call (708) 744-0234 or email Dale now!

On-Premise Promotion

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On-Premise Promotion Entertainer
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