Chicago Corproate Entertainer, Speaker, and Balloon Artist


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Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Balloon Entertainment for family-friendly events! On stage, or one-on-one, the artistry captivates young and old alike. Colorful, artistic, and comedic all twisted together in one spectacular performance.
















Balloon Entertainment at its Best!

Balloon Artists available for your next private, corporate, or public events.

Private Parties

Private Parties

Bring fun and laughter to the party while knowing that behind every twist and joke is a veteran balloon artist insuring that no unexpected pops will deflate the party.

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment

Transform a mundane event or awards banquet into a colorful, artistic, and hilarious experience that your audience will not forget. Quality entertainment that fits your corporate needs.








School Assemblies


Comedy, artistry, and music twisted into a 45-minute, one-man balloon show for designed for School Assemblies

Speaker & Workshops

Corporate Speaker & Workshops

Making little improvements in ones life collectively makes a big impact on your image, self-esteem, and productivity. 







Other Services

Restaurant Entertainment

Restaurant Entertainment

Kids dictate where parents eat.  When the kids are happy and the food and service is good, the parents dining experience is heightened – Dale gives them a reason to return and recommend your restaurant.

Dale's Projects

From training new entertainers to helping parents find family fun events.